Friday, 25 August 2017

Bryn The Bucket Pup

Puppies are not kept in nice lovely beds here, when they are born they are often seen as an inconvenience, and if not drowned at birth, they are not given the best chance at life. We had a call one day back in Nov 15 that some pups were being kept in a huge bucket. The guy didn't want them, and was keeping them in awful conditions feeding them scraps, and bread.

Sure enough, when we got there, he had the skinny, flea infested pups, in a huge black bucket. How the pups had survived I had no idea, but we agreed to take them straight away.

The pups were of course christened he bucket pups, and
slowly they found homes. However, one pup remained,
Bryn had no body ever ask about him, he went to a foster home for a while, and she said he was an angel, but he came back to the kennels.

Bryn grew into a medium sized, funny and lovable dog, but still no body ever asked about him. He is still here, still searching for his home. Some dogs seem to slip under the radar, and basically get forgotten.

Bryn has been here nearly two years, which is the longest any dog has ever been with us, which is just so sad. He has never known what a sofa feels like, or to have an owner of his own.

 No matter how many times we share his photos, and his story, no one has ever offered him a home. Come on people please help to get Bryn a home. He deserves a chance so much. 

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  1. Oh, thats so sad :( I follow you on fb, I just moved to san Agustin here on the Island in november from sweden and my heart breaks every day when I ssee how people treats their pets. I had 5 cats wich all I have rescued, now sadly 2 of them past away in 2 month and in the future I will come to you to get a dog. Said that from the moment I saw your work non fb. Keep up the good work and thank you for all the pets you rescue