Tuesday, 22 August 2017

It NEVER Rains in Gran Canaria

The adverts will all tell you it NEVER rains in GC, and that we have the most sunshine than any other place in the world, what a load of bollox. Yes, we have less rain, but when it comes, OMG it rains. A few years ago it begun to rain, and when I say rain I mean RAIN.

The wet stuff brings many issues, as we leak, and every time the water runs down the walls the electrics go off. So although the rain is nice, I like it when it stops, but this time, it just didn't stop, the speed, and force the rain came we didn't have a chance! As I watched my property be engulfed in water and mud, I sat and cried.

We are on top of  a mountain, my stables, kennels and sheep enclosures, are perched on a rock, and although the kennels were dry, and the dogs were safe, the water swept through everywhere else like a river. From our top gates the river traveled, straight through my stable gates, and into the stables, every single one went under water.

One of the back walls of the stable actually fell off the building, and crashed down the mountain.
My dog pen went under water, and the chicken pens were no more. We were in the chicken area, up to our waist in water, chicken shit, and mud, screaming at these stupid birds to get out but the chickens wouldn't leave, they simply drowned before we could save them all. 
 Every part of the property was three feet under mud, and the mess was indescribable. after what seemed like an eternity the rain stopped...... and we took a deep breath. So much was destroyed, but thankfully not too many animals were affected. My "house" was under water, but I had to rebuild, and clean for the animals. 

We learnt so much after the rain, we learnt where to bash holes for rain to escape, and where to build walls to divert. We also learnt that nature is a force far stronger than us, so, when it starts to rain again, I pause, take a deep breath and pray it will never be as bad as that day ever again. 

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