Monday, 21 August 2017

Big Is Beautiful...

We rehome a lot of dogs, and I am grateful that I have an amazing team in the UK, who help us to make sure the dogs get fantastic homes. Sadly, the majority of what we rehome are small dogs, don't get me wrong this is great, but come on people big is beautiful. I love big dogs, therefore, they pull on the heart strings when I am at the pound, so we end up getting dogs that my head knows will be here forever!

Raven is the perfect example, I walked past a corral that had a huge dog laid at the front, bleeding, and in pain.
She would not even lift her head, and I was told she had come in that day and the other dogs had attacked her.  she simply laid there, with a look of please kill me now. She was huge, my head ruled, and I walked on past her, but all the way around the pound I kept thinking about her.

I thought oh well by the time I am done, she will be up, and moving.... nope 30 minutes later still she laid blood ripping from her ears, on to her white feet.
I crouched down, and got nothing, she didn't even lift her head. I knew I couldn't take another large dog, we would never rehome her, so off I went to the office. Whilst reserving the other dogs, I battled heart and head, and as always heart ruled..... the HUGE Pressa was reserved.

Raven came home, and was like a bull dozer, wanting to say hello to everyone .... magic included.

Raven is a beautiful dog, so loving, so funny and so friendly.... but I know she will be here a long time which is a shame. 

There must be someone out there for Raven..... please have a look at her album, and share her until we get this girl into a home!    Raven's Album

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