Monday, 7 August 2017

Because I asked!

When you message me to apply for one of my dogs, I send a detailed message back explaining the "process" I explain that there are things I do, and how much it all costs etc. Then right on the end, I ask people to tell me about themselves. For some this seems to be strange, or complicated, when in fact it is what decides if you are worthy for my dogs.

I studied psychology, therefore, I can get so much information by what you say about yourself. I can read between the fluffy bits, and the perfect life that you are painting me.

I know when you are waffling for the sake of it, and have no idea what to say. I sometimes, get pages and page of information, and other people just bare bones.

However, the ones that puzzle me are the people who ask Why?

They ask why I need to know.... And my answer is simple.... "because I asked!" It is as simple as that, you want to be trusted with one of my dogs, you want me to believe that you will love it forever, so the least you can do is tell me about yourself! Often if I am met with the why question, they get filed straight in the not adopting from me bin. There are the people who cannot seem to write anything, and, they struggle with the question.

They ask what I mean, and what should they say, surely everyone has something to say about themselves! So it goes like this:

ME: well tell me about work, home, life etc?

THEM: errrr I work, I live in a house, and I am 34

ME: Yep, anything else? animals? partner? kids?

THEM: no, yes, yes

ME: ages? jobs? breed?

THEM: I don't understand

At this point I have usually wandered off, and left them to think about how to string a sentence together, and if they can function as a human being without help!

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