Wednesday 9 August 2017

Van Gogh...

I have my phone on me all the time, which means when I get sent photos I tend to look at them regardless of where I am, or with who. I get sent some awful things, and typically doesn't bother me, but the night I was sat in a concert, and the pound messaged, even I turned the phone away. I was trying to stare at the screen without everyone else seeing.... Yes it was a dog with an awful injury... her ear had been ripped off.

Now, over the years I have seen many injuries with ears, as they tend to get pulled, and ripped when fighting, but never ripped off. Now before everyone slag off the pound, they can do nothing about over crowding, this is the reality of the summer months. Too many dogs, too hot, and and not enough adoptions.
This dog was in with two female dogs, not aggressive breeds, however, something happened, and they attacked. There was nothing left, not even a thread it was awful, the pain she must have been in was un thinkable. Of course I agreed to take the dog, and arranged to get to the pound asap.
When I met this dog, she amazed me, her tail did not stop, she was covered in scars from head to foot, and her ear was infected and stank.

I took the dog, who I named Van Gogh..... Well I couldnt call her anything else really could I.... to my vet and he agreed surgery was needed to tidy it up.
Through everything her tail did not stop, she loves people and other dogs, and life. She doesn't care that she has one ear, or that she was attacked, she just wants to be happy! 
Van Gogh is now up for adoption, and I know the perfect home is out there for her. She could teach so many people a thing or two about life, and forgiving, and moving on, as Van Gogh has. 

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