Monday 24 July 2017

Trust My Gut!

Some people question how I do my adoptions, and yes the process is not normal, but to be honest, nothing we do is normal. I tend to do a lot of FB stalking have random chats with potential adopters, and gather all the information before deciding if they are worthy of one of my dogs. This process has worked for years, and I have only got it wrong three times.... when I simply just didn't trust my gut! 

We had a FBD (yes one of those) come in recently, in a bad state, she was suffering from many issues, bad skin, ear mites, ulcer in one eye, limited sight in the other, usual things really.
So we treated her, and she begun her road to recovery. Lilo was responding well to everything, she learnt to cope with having her eye removed, and in general she as doing ok. 

Lilo went up for adoption, and we had inquiries, some i ruled out straight away, and then I was recommended a lady by a rescue we work with. On paper it all seemed great, but there was something not right, and I couldn't put my finger on it. We went through the process, and she seemed to be genuinely interested in all Lilos issues, and seemed to understand her needs. 

After many conversations it was agreed that she would adopt Lilo, she was told over and over all about Lilo how she was struggling to gain weight, how her skin was still not right, she said she understood all, and that she would give her time. 
The vets and I agreed that Lilo would do better in a home, and that she could travel. Her transport was booked, and still there was a niggle about her new home, but nothing major, just a niggle. Again she was told over and over all about our special blind girl. She assured me she would love her, give her time, and that she could offer her a forever home. 

Lilo made the journey which is stressful on most dogs, but being blind she was even more stressed. At 5am she was dropped to her new home..... at 8am the rescue that had recommended the owner contacted me and said she didn't want her. The woman had not contacted us, but contacted another rescue, within THREE hours to say she didnt want Lilo. 

When I messaged the woman, as she still had not bothered to message me, she claimed that Lilo was dying, that she was being sick, that she had been beaten around the head.  None of which was true, she called Lilo "disgusting" and not what she wanted! WTF I was fuming! She wanted her gone NOW or she was dumping her, as she was going to die. 

I started making frantic calls, as stating NOW, when I'm in GC and you are in UK is insane. Thankfully we work with some amazing people and they did the 3 hour drive to go and get Lilo, who needless to say was fine, Dehydrated, hungry, tired, but certainly not dying. Times like these the people are lucky I am not in the UK or I would kill them, how dare she give up on our beautiful special Lilo in THREE hours! 

Lilo spent a few days in the care of another rescue who confirmed that there was nothing medically wrong with her. All she needed was love, time and care, which is what the original adopter had promised me she would give her. A couple messaged me who had adopted from me before, and said they had seen Lilo was back up for adoption, without hesitating they said they would love to have her, and would drive to get her. 

My faith in humans was restored, my gut had been right about this couple the first time, they are amazing people. I wish I had listened to my gut with Lilo, if it doesn't feel right then it isn't right. Who the hell gives up on an animal in THREE hours!! 
Lilo is now in the home she deserves, she has gained 1KG in a week, and loves her new family <3

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  1. I'm so glad you went with your gut as far as our Oscar was concerned, perhaps with a bit of help from Sonny!!! We fell for Oscar immediately and can't imagine being without him, even though he wasn't quite what we expected!! Thank you again for our little bundle of fun. (Women like that bitch need stringing up)