Thursday 6 July 2017

Random Photo

I seem to be attracting the most stupid of people at the moment, or my patience really has vanished. However, I do feel that sending me a random photo of a dog is stretching even my ability to know what the hell you want. I get both photos of my dogs looking for adoption, and other peoples dogs, no words, no questions just a random photo.

My inbox is full every day,and now it seems stupid people are messaging, please, guys keep on moving, stay away or you are going to get a shitty message. I tend to ignore the random photo messages, as I dont have the time to ask what they want, as if they cannot string a sentence together
then there is no hope of them being able to adopt a dog.

Then there are the ones that send the photo, then hours later send ????? now everyone knows how I feel about the ???. I am impressed they have manged to write something, but come on not the ??? so again they get ignored. Now some of them progress one step further, and actually string some words together... usually a short " Why are you ignoring me" then ????

At this point I have two choices... these could make or break how it goes I could answer:

" Are you fucking stupid, I am not psychic, what the hell did you want to know, as sending me a random photo with no question was moronic"


I could ignore them again

I found this option to be the better one in this situation.... see the calming techniques are working!

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