Sunday 30 July 2017

Gigi the Street Dog

I am asked to help a lot of dogs and I always reply with the same, send me photos, and a bit about the dog, and I will think about it. Basically this means please stop asking me, the answer will probably be no, but at least you have been told something. So, when a lady from Dakar asked me to help, she was told the same thing.

Now I'm not going to lie, I had no idea where Dakar was, and yes I googled, and was then amused that we had been asked to help a dog in Senegal, and honestly had no intention of helping, until I saw the video. There was something so sad seeing a dog living on the streets with a deformed leg, scared and alone. Gigi had got to me, and I offered to help.

Yes before you say it, don't we have enough dogs here to save, but there was something about this guy.
I was told that Gigi had been hit by a car, and then run over again and left for dead. He didn't die though, he wanted to live, so he got up,and moved as fast as he could.

Volunteers in Dakar are amazing, they have limited resources, and very little funds, but they caught Gigi and had surgery performed. This was a long and slow process, and although not how we would typically amputate, they did a good job.

Gigi was now a tripod dog in a country with very few offers of homes. Although his life was now better, he needed a home,which is where we stepped in. We offered to take Gigi into our rescue, and find him the home he deserves.

The arrangements were made, and Gigi arrived on Spanish soil, he was scared, but knew he was going to be ok.

 We had him looked at, and in the first few days he was poked and prodded, but took everything in his stride. He is a lovely dog, and we have every hope he will find a great home. So, have faith if you ask me to take a dog, you never know I might just say yes!

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