Saturday 8 July 2017

Dogs Die

Any kennel, rescue or pound that tell you that they have no deaths are liars, it is one of those subjects that no one wants to speak about, but it happens. When you are taking dogs from environments with disease, stress, and often fighting, there are so many reasons why they die. Although it is upsetting that you lost one that you had saved, it unfortunately has become part of life.

We dont get full vets history's when we save dogs, we have no idea what they may or may not have, we can have them checked, and some things are obvious, but others... who knows! Im not going to lie and claim that we do every test under the sun when they come in as we dont. There is simply not enough money for this.

In the morning as I walk through the kennels, I hold my breath, not due to the smell, but until I have checked that every dog is breathing. Sounds strange.... but true, I have walked down there on occasions to find dogs dead. Not through fighting, or anything sinister, simply because they have got into bed, and died. Some just give up, they have not adjusted, nothing medically wrong, apart from a broken heart.

That is what happened yesterday, I walked the kennels, thought it was a good morning, until I was one missing when I let the little dogs out. When you open doors, and not all dogs come running, you know there is something wrong. I've been doing this too long, not to know.... I also knew who I was missing .. Elsa..

Elsa was dropped off to the kill pound with her siblings, all were old, all scared, and all confused. We rescued two. Eskimo and Elsa, Eskimo went to the UK team quite quickly, and has since found a home. Elsa was left behind. Years of neglect were obvious with Elsa but she loved a cuddle, and would sit with me and watch the other dogs playing.

Elsa was old, and didnt want to be in the kennels, every day you could see the noise, and hustle and bustle were getting to her. The younger dogs would knock her over, and jump on her when she wanted to sleep. Slowly I saw the look that I have seen before, she begun to withdraw. No one came forward for Elsa, no one wanted her, and that is why the night I said goodnight to her, would be the last.

Elsa, got into bed, sad, lonely, and rejected and died.

Another old dog that didnt deserve to be treated this way, another life I couldn't save, RIP Little one, I am sorry I let you down <3

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  1. RIP Elsa.....maybe the rainbow bridge will be more welcoming.....heartbreaking that your life was so awful.