Friday 27 July 2018

DIY Flycatchers

Flies are a major issue here in GC, I am convinced we are built on a landfill site, as everywhere you go there are flies. Flies in the canaries are nothing like flies in the UK, you know the ones that hover around the light bulb in the middle of the room. These are dive bombing, mass swarming, head straight in your ears, eyes, and face type flies.

Years I have tried to find something to combat the flies, I am actually getting to the point of building a huge bubble over my whole property to combat them. Actually that would solve a few issues, but hey back in the real world. Someone told me about the wine bottle trick the other day, now this peaked my interest.

Firstly, it involved drinking almost a whole bottle of wine, which is always a good thing, secondly it involved trapping the little fuckers. Any old wine will do, however, as I had to drink it I wanted to make sure it was wine I liked. So, after a long day, isn't every single day long, I had a few glasses of wine, and saved a few inches in the bottom for operation kill fly.

The concept is to place fruit in with the wine, hang somewhere and the lovely sickly smell will attract the flies. They then fly in, and are either too drunk or too stupid to fly out. The problem is I need a few of these fly catchers, so vast amounts of wine will need to be drunk, so, heavy drinking session needed .....hang on why is this a problem.

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