Sunday, 8 July 2018

Personal Space Issues!

I am one of those people that walk around with an invisible bubble protecting my personal space, and my skin crawls when people attempt to get closer than I want. I remember the day when I learnt all about "personal space" at school when the teacher told us all to imagine the "bubble" how this was our personal space, and you could keep people out.. bliss!

This lesson obviously caused great amusement to a bunch of kids who ran around pretending to pop each others bubbles, with the bad boys teasing the quieter girls about how they were popping their bubbles, some things never change!

Now, I don't consider that I have a problem with personal space, it is plain and simple, do NOT enter my bubble. I'm open, honest, will divulge personal crap about me on a daily basis, however, stand too close to me in the shops, or sit next to me in a waiting room, and I will attempt to find any possible way to escape.

Before you think it is simply strangers that cause this reaction, I can clarify that it is everyone. Stranger danger is the least of my problems, it is the same with people I know, and I have this look of please don't hug me everywhere I go. Even simply talking to me sometimes can be a struggle for even the people closest to me.

Therefore, last week was a huge challenge not only did I have builders here, but I had a new volunteer. I had to let people in to my bubble, I had to speak, interact, and be relatively nice. Don't get me wrong the builders, and Miss L are all lovely, but coping with humans for longer than an hour is draining.

So, on top of everything else last week I had to pretend to be a normal human being... god that shit is exhausting!

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