Thursday 19 July 2018

I Want To work With Animals... Can I Help Out?

I get messaged a lot asking if I take on volunteers, and "kids" for the summer holidays as they REAAALLLLLYYYY want to work with animals. When the parents message and claim this, it actually means my kid is being a fucker, and I want them out of the house, so please take them.

The problem is with people "helping" is that typically I become a baby sitting service, watching that they close gates, and don't get too close to Magic, and don't let animals out, so it is all very stressful. Also many of the people who state "I want to work with animals" in fact want to sit and cuddle dogs, nothing more, not actually help.

So, when I had a message from one of my shop volunteers that a young girl wanted to help out, I admit I ignored it.  However, she volunteered in the shop, and the feedback was good, so I started to chat with her, and there was potential. She had bright blue hair, and was quirky, so that was a good start.

The day came when she was coming with me to help for the day, so vets first... Ricardo needed his dressings changing which involves blood... when she said she didn't like blood, I thought it was just one of those things that people say. Nope she really doesn't do blood.

One minute she was stood behind me, the next she had turned a very pale color and was gone. I commented that she wanted to work with animals he said " they all say that" we laughed and carried on, After the dressings were put back on I told her it was safe to return.

The day carried on with the usual cleaning, feeding, and pounds, not much cuddling sorry, but she listened, took on board everything I said, saw the harsh reality of an owner walking their terrified dog into the pound, and survived.  I dropped her home, tired and dirty but with a better understanding of "working with animals"

Our little blue haired volunteer has returned, which did amaze me, she has been back to the vets, been bitten more than once, has cleaned out kennels, and even endured transport.

Slowly, slowly I am molding her into one of us..... I think she should be very afraid!

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