Wednesday 11 October 2017

The Law Can Be An Arse Sometimes....

As with everything there are many laws where animals are concerned, the police claim they are to protect the animals but too be honest, some are just stupid. Microchipping is something that is law here, and I am all for campaigning to make sure all dogs have a chip. It makes life so much easier when you can return an animal if lost.

However, just because your dog is microchipped does not mean you are a good owner, and in my opinion, does not mean you are instantly entitled to have your dog back. If you have abused, or mis treated your animal, then just because it is chipped, does not entitle you to claim it. Sadly, the law states you are entitled to your animal back, and I have seen far too many dogs given back to idiots due to the law!

Thankfully that didn't happen yesterday, when we finally were handed a dog we had been fighting long and hard for. Yes she was chipped, yes she had an owner, but this dog deserved a new life.

Her second chance starts today, when she will no longer be used for breeding, and will begin to understand not all humans are bad. Owning a dog is a privilege and people should treat their dogs with love and respect. 

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  1. Humans make my blood boil. Thank God there are people like you and your volunteers who work so hard. She will now begin to know what life can be like x