Saturday 28 October 2017

Earless Bunnies!

We have Guinea pigs here, for no other reason than taking in unwanted pets, and when some new ones came in the other day the photo went up on FB. Now I have some great friends, and people that help me, including Miss H, who is one crazy, amazing woman, guaranteed to make me laugh, no matter what the situation.

Miss H is a huge stalker, therefore, within minutes of the photo appearing, she was guaranteed to comment. And she did with " Are they bunnies? where have their ears gone???? Now the amount of question marks, typically indicates how stressed she is, the fact there were four meant she was in a panic.

Messages begun to flow, asking who had cut their ears off, and why someone would do that, I then realized, she had no idea what guinea pigs were, and she honestly thought they were earless bunnies. I pointed out to her that they were Guinea pigs, which she had never seen in her life, she had presumed someone had taken a pair of scissors to a rabbit.

Chuckling away to myself, I continued my day, thanking Miss H for brightening my day, she is so special in a window licking sunshine bus way, but I love her.

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