Sunday 1 October 2017

Maggots Under the Seat!

I love my car, and have had it now for a year, so I decided that she deserved a birthday present..... to be cleaned! Now if you know me and my car this is something that needed doing, a years worth of dog hair, puke, blood, and shit was in my car.

Thankfully I have cages in my car, and the back seats are covered, however, dogs have an ability to puke right in the seat belt holes every time!

After the last puking event, I attempted to clean the seats but the smell lingered, and I decided it was time to face the music, to drop the car off, smile and run.

 The guys that clean my car are amazing, they are not fazed by anything, and as I apologized and handed over the keys they waved me off with a see you in two hours! 

Two hours later I returned to a fresh smelling, beautiful car, with not a hint of puke or hair anywhere. They used the good old disinfectant bombs, and high powered hoovers and had made my car fresh and shiny.  As we stood chatting he asked if I had known what was under the seat... my head was racing, OMG was it an animal? 

Well, sort of there was a huge pile of dog sick, which had become a nesting ground for maggots.... NICE! I was mortified, but he wasn't bothered at all, thank god..... See you in a year guys :) 

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