Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Kittens- Free to a Good Home!

When I see this advert on FB it really gets me angry, you might as well put free snake food, or here is an animal please abuse it. There are idiot "rescues" here that post free animals all the time, and state they don't want any money they are not doing it for the money, but just to see an animal in a good home. The reality is that good home that you are giving an animal too for free, is probably rather shite.

There are so many kittens here, and when people give them away for free, all they want is rid of them. They don't want the responsibility of what happens in 6=8 months. they claim to care, but honestly, they couldn't care less.

I have known of people getting kittens to feed to his snake, and others because they like kittens, but once they are grown they discard. There is a real sinister side to the "free to good home" people and it amazes me that people are still to stupid to realize.

A free pet is simply a disposable pet, and too be honest both sides don't really care about the animal. The original owner was stupid enough to let their cat breed, therefore, why would they care if the seven kittens they have given away will breed soon too.

Simply not their problem anymore, and this is why there are so many kittens/cats on this island. I know things are never going to change anytime soon, and all I can hope for is that if we keep ranting and moaning, then one day the stupid people will wake up and smell the coffee.


  1. I have a friend that is need of loving akitten get back at me. Just looking for friend.she is all ready for this kittenshe has bought the liter box the food away