Monday 2 October 2017


When you have a busy week, and the volunteers find one dog after another, its time to put your head in your hands. Sadly the summer is always bad, and starved dogs come in frequently, and just when I thought my quota was full, I was sent this photo. 
 How could I say no, even though it was a pod, and I knew rehoming was going to be tough. My heart ruled my head, and i told the volunteer to bring her to me. 

Destiny as she was named, was sick, very sick, she had multiple tumors, was positive for filaria, and needed extensive surgery. 

But hey, whats more money that I dont have to save a dog! Destiny weighed just 8KG but needed the surgery, so she went under the knife. 

Destiny came through the surgery, which amazes all of us, she had an incredible desire to live. She is happy, and friendly, and simply wants a chance of happiness. 

Finding Destiny a home was always going to be a challenge, knowing all of her issues. Thankfully, we work with an amazing sanctuary in France that has helped us with Pods before, and she agreed to take destiny. 

The one thing Destiny had to do was gain weight, now this may sound easy but she had to gain 4KG to be allowed to travel, and for a pod that is a HUGE amount. 

Destiny, proved us all wrong again, as she got bigger and bigger, and now looks amazing. she is ready to travel, and will be going to her new home very soon.... Some dogs have a HUGE heart, and a HUGE desire to live... this is why all dogs deserve a chance. 

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