Wednesday 18 October 2017

There is a Process

When you apply to adopt one of my dogs I take many things into consideration, and if they are a unique dog that may need more then I consider so much more. When stumpy went up for adoption I had many messages from people wanting him. There was some genuine interest, and some complete weirdos.

I take all of my adoptions seriously and want to make sure that the home is perfect, and although it may appear like I am doing nothing, I am in fact stalking, and assessing.

Stumpy is a typical puppy, and at the moment he copes very well with his leg being gone, however, this may change n the future. The people that applied simply did not tick all the boxes for me, and then one day the perfect one arrived.

Everything about this home felt right, she gave the right answers, had taken the decision very seriously, and made me sure that Stumpy would be in good hands.

So, decision made, announcement goes out on FB, and then I receive a shitty message from a woman who had not been successful in adopting Stumpy. Now, do I message everyone to tell them they have not been successful, nope, sorry don't have time. This woman was upset, and shitty, she said I had ignored her, and not told her.

My first thought was not that she was pleased that he had a home, but that she was acting like a small child, who had their toys taken away. No concern for Stumpy, but all me me me, how she was the perfect home, and I had not even bothered to ask her anything.

At first I was polite, and said that on this occasion I had decided on another person, and she had to appreciate there were many people interested. OMG she messaged again, and again, and again, and again to moan. Nothing of substance, but the same whiny message. Get over it , you aren't adopting him, and yet again my gut was right.

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