Saturday, 7 October 2017

No I In Team

Although there is no denying that I do a huge amount myself, I do also have an amazing team that I work with. Over the years I have built up a fantastic network of people who help us do what we do, and without these people we would not achieve as much. Some only help occasionally, and others are hands on day to day.

I have people in my phone that I call when I need certain things, and these guys are great, they do what they do, and we rescue more dogs. Although they are only there for the urgent, "oh fuck I need" phone calls, they are brilliant. Like the people who helped with a rescue from Tenerife the other day,

I needed a dog out of a bad situation, and called Mrs M and off she went, grumbling about fleas all the way but the dog was saved. Transported by Mr C along with two other dogs, so all in all in 24 hours three more dogs were saved. This wouldn't have been possible without these guys, its called teamwork, and I am a huge believer in this word!

Whether it is the vets, the volunteers, the transport team, the shop volunteers, the supporters on the page or the UK team, everyone helps to save lives. Each plays their part, and stuff gets done, everyone has unique talents in the world, and by utilizing these, we achieve so much more. There are people that are great at raising money, others that can drive to collect dogs, or ones that foster and rehome.

Like a jigsaw we all fit together, and complete the common goal..... save more animals, with no ego's, and drama. So, although it is my ball, and I choose who plays with it, I love the people that support what we do, and our team continues to grow :)

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