Friday 27 October 2017

Please- Don't Speak To Me!

If you have read previous blogs you will understand all about transport days, and how they are stressful, and very long. With everyone that I do, I stand there and do think, I am simply too old for this shit. My body feels like I have been hit by a bus, and it takes me longer to get over them. People also choose to speak to me, why people why!

If you see me stood in an airport I do not look approachable, I have a look of I will stab you with a sharp object if you come near me. I am usually stressed, tired, and preparing to move large quantities of dogs, on my own. So, why is it that every time I get some idiot that want to have small talk with me.

"ooo are they all yours"
"where are you going with all those doggies"
"Arent they just adorable"
"OMG you are amazing"
"oh I wish I could do what you do" errrrrr struggle in an airport with heavy dogs, whilst idiots talk to you, please feel free to do it!

I have even tried the I speak no language at all so please fuck off face, and still they stand with their fingers poking into the dogs, wittering about their one cat they have at home, and how exciting this all is. Do I look excited?

So, this time to avoid the people I struggled all the way to the lift with heavy boxes, and trolleys, gritted my teeth and managed to get in the lift. Then I realized I was stuck, I could not reach the buttons, the doors were closed and the boxes blocking everything. FML I was stuck in a lift... at this point I actually thought I was going to cry.

After 10 minutes of standing there like a twat, wondering how long I would have to be stuck before anyone would notice I was stuck, I managed to stretch over everything and with the tip of one finger pushed the bloody button. I have never been so happy for a lift to move in my life. Lift drama over, I met up with everyone else, and the dogs got walked.

Although I was exhausted, seeing dogs like Lorenzo in his new jumper for transport, heading off to his new home, makes it very worth it. Dogs like him, is why we do this, why we give up sleep, and get stressed... roll on the next transport.

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