Friday 8 June 2018

Counting Down The Days!

I honestly have no idea why people find puppies appealing, and I am delighted when they leave and go to new homes. When we have one puppy come in on its own, and it is small they tend to end up in my house. Which is where Cruella is at present, causing mass puppy destruction, as puppies do, and I am counting down the days for her to leave.

It always amazes me how much chaos one small bundle of fluff can cause, she is like a weapon of mass destruction, small but deadly. Now my house is not exactly what you would call calm, however, every animal knows that when I dump myself on the sofa at the end of the day, to back away and leave me for a while to chill.

However, Cruella has other ideas, she has mastered the art of leaping on the sofa, bouncing on every cushion, sending numerous cats and kittens into orbit. These kittens usually end up in the path of a big dog, which results in hissing, snapping, and shouting.

She has recently found the outside world, which means every twig, rock, and bit of garden debris is now brought in, thrown around, and discarded after 15 seconds. Resulting in me having to pick up said debris, throw it out the door, and of course the pup then simply repeats the process, thinking it is the most amazing game to play with the human.

Thankfully she does sleep through the night, as disturbing me at night and waking me up is a crime punishable by death. However, she may not disturb me, but she does have a habit of leaving little packages on my route to the kitchen. Now anyone that has stepped in dog poop will agree there is nothing worse.

It is the moment of sleep filled panic, when you know what it is oozing between your toes, and there is nothing you can do about it. You slowly lift your foot but the damage is already done, so you have to hop to the sink, or grab the wet wipes. then extracting dog poop from in between your toes is an art, and the smell lingers with you for a while.

So, needless to say I wont be missing Cruella when she leaves, and every puppy that we have reminds me why I would take 10 deaf, old, blind dogs over one hyper active, kitten chasing demon. If her new home is reading this, honestly, all of the above is untrue, she is adorable..... honest!

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