Friday 1 June 2018

Locked Away!

There is something incredibly powerful about a set of bars, it puts up a huge barrier that can change the personality of the dog inside. Imagine if bars were all you could see, day in day out, where people would shout for you to stop barking, when all you want is for someone to give you attention. Where people stop, look at you, maybe even touch you, speak to you, give you hope then walk away.

Some people laugh at you because you are frantically trying to get their attention, and others will cry because you look sad and alone, but still they carry on walking. Browsing at you and the other dogs like pieces of furniture in a huge department store... imagine how you would feel?

Dogs that are in pounds behind bars, are so vulnerable and scared, which often leads to their personality changing. Some are depressed, others anxious, and many simply give up on all hope that they will get out. Cages and bars can turn the friendliest dog into an aggressive, broken dog that appears to be un able to be rehomed.

This is why I often choose the dogs that no one else will, the ones that hide at the back of the cages, or under feeders.
The ones that growl, or look un appealing, the ones that are deaf, or blind, or have physical issues. Not to make money as people will claim, but because they will be left behind, forgotten, and eventually killed.

These dogs are the ones that need saving, these are the ones that are screaming for help. Their world has been turned upside down, they are terrified, and have been let down so badly by humans. I want to give them a chance to forgive, to realise that we are not all bad and that one day their life will be better.

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