Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Kennel Names!

You can always tell people who are not rescuers, that do not have to deal with the shit we do on a daily basis. How? you may ask, well it is because they do not understand our humour, and the small things that help us get through the day. We see the most awful things, and have to deal with horrible situations day in day out. so forgive me if I have a warped sense of humor.

We have pet names for the dogs, names that we use in the kennels, often these are not actually their names, but names that make us smile. Are the dogs offended by the names, no not at all, but it seems idiots are. Yet again a good old FB attack because I called a dog mincer, why did I call her that because Cervantes was too long, her leg looked like it had been through a mincer, and she didn't care what I called her as long as she got cared for and fed.

I have a dog here at the moment that bit me, he is called "sharkbite" another that is called "dumdum and I have a puppy called "Cruella" Well in fact she is actually chipped as "Miss Cruella de Ville" and we have had numerous other names, including "expensive" "Jaws" and my favourite .. puppy 1 puppy 2 puppy 3 etc....

Does it make their care any less nope, does it upset the dogs nope, but it puts a smile on my face calling dumdum or sharkbite. So yet again if this makes me a bad person, or an eveil person then so be it. What I would actually say to the idiots posting how evil I am is get a grip, its only a name. .... and Miss Cruella De Ville actually loves her name!

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