Wednesday 23 May 2018

Not The Easiest To Live With!

Not only am I a woman, but I am a Gemini, Irish, and rescue animals, therefore, my husband deserves a medal for staying married to me! Living with and loving an animal rescuer is a challenge for so many reasons. I am married to an amazing man, who puts up with so much, so this is a guide to falling in love with a rescuer.

To love a rescuer, you must love all of her, the scars that have been inflicted by scared animals, and the emotional ones caused by humans. You must love the broken heart, and be there every time it needs more time to heal. You must love the determination, the pure grit to carry on, and be supportive when she doesn't win every war.

To love a rescuer you need to be there to comfort, when she blames herself even for things that she could never have seen coming. You need to understand the anger that she feels at the world, and that the anger is driven by the passion to save animals. You need to allow space for her to cry, and mourn the losses of the animals that she could not save.

To love a rescuer you must understand that the desire to save animals is in her soul, it is not a choice, it is a calling. Patience is needed, and you will need to accept that there are many times when the animals will come first. She will cancel dinner dates, be late for appointments, and there will be many times when sleep, food, and life are pushed aside.

To love a rescuer, you need to be strong, you have to be the support network, and accept everything that you love about her warts and all. You need to understand that you fell in love with a rescuer, and although the journey may have many bumps, it is one hell of a ride. Most of all you must never ask her to choose, because you may not like the answer you hear.

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