Friday 11 May 2018

Of Course I talk To Them!

Someone was surprised the other day that I talk to my animals, and I am not just talking about the cats and dogs, you can often find me chatting away to the ducks, and ferrets. To me there is nothing strange in having a conversation with the animals, and before you lock me away, I am well aware they will not answer me... (or do they )

As I spend a huge majority of the day with my animals, I find it normal that I chat away telling them about my day, and what I am doing next. Most people do in fact speak to their pets, as they consider them to be part of the family, and short, simple sentences are usual. However, I of course take this to the next level, and ask open ended questions. 

I will often ask the horses how their day was, expecting them to look up and reply " great day thanks, ate some hay, drank some water, life is good" Up until now I can clarify that no animal has replied, but you never know one day maybe! There have been many studies done on why we speak to animals, and it has been proven that you are in fact more intelligent if you chat to your pet. 

There has also been evidence to show that we chat to our animals when we feel the need to "create" a human to hang out with, a bit like an imaginary friend. This is for those people that have little real human interaction, and need to socialise more. Well that would be me then, however, I would rather have a conversation with a duck than over 80% of the human race.

I also do believe that my animals do in fact answer me..... hold off with the padded cell for a moment, not in the actual sense of answering me, but they respond. All animals have things they do to show they are listening, or that they understand and are happy, or not. Therefore, wouldn't it be rude for me not to speak to them?

So, next time you are sat at home, start a conversation with the cat, or dog you may be surprised how much you enjoying chatting to someone that won't argue, and the worst they can do is walk off when bored. Me, I'm going off to chat to the chickens, and ask how the sheep slept last night..... crazy much, but hey you have to be! 

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