Sunday 6 May 2018

What A Waste of A Day!

Yesterday started so well, then one of the idiots posted on one of these many "warning sites" which are in fact simply platforms for drama queens to get attention. I stupidly responded, thinking that there must be some intelligent, sensible people on there, sadly after 5 hours of my life being sucked out of me, I realised they were after one thing drama!

The worst thing with these sites is how draining they are as you feel like you are speaking to a wall, as no matter how many times you say something, they ask the question again. The usual crap was written "I profit from the rescue" "I abuse dogs" "I kill dogs" yet when these idiots are asked for proof, they simply repeat the questions.

Of course fungus was there primed and ready, unemployed, sat on her sofa, spouting her complete BS for her friends to applaud. Yesterdays one was that she claims, I only save the dogs no one else will so I can put their photos on my blog, and get loads of money. She also claims that I leave all the healthy dogs in the pounds to die.

The laughable point to this is, I cannot win, if I take the healthy, I am leaving the sick, If I take the sick I am profiting, and getting healthy dogs killed. Maybe her answer is for me to take them ALL.... then I would be the pound, and the pound would not be the pound. She also claimed I was running away when I had animals to feed.... sorry fungus some of us have things to do, other than adjust yourself on the sofa, and charge the phone for more abuse.

So, today I will be doing what I do, which is working, running my rescue, and looking after Jellybean, three very satisfying things. I wonder what fungus will be doing other than being bitter, twisted, unemployed, lazy and slightly unhinged.

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