Tuesday 12 June 2018

Starting With A Clean Slate

I believe that every dog should be given a chance, and that when they enter my rescue they are given a clean slate. I don't want to know their history, and their faults, I want to get to know them, and learn about what makes them a great dog, and maybe even not so much of one. I do believe that people judge, even if they have never met the dog, it seems it is human nature!

Every dog has some form of history, good or bad, but when they are handed to me, I sort of zone out, as I don't want to know that they barked, or that they chased the neighbours cat. I feel that from that first day I am giving them the chance to change, and improve their lives. If they work with, then they will have a great new life, in a home that will not know their old quirks and habits.

Of course if these continue, then the new home is told, however, dogs like humans, can change their behaviour. Sadly too many dogs are dismissed due to their past being disclosed, and people will read only the bad, and not the good. Why do we judge so quickly? Why do we not look at the whole picture, yet another human fault which annoys me.

I personally never look at a photo of a dog and read some history and think "oh this one is trouble" I think how can we improve this dog so he becomes an amazing dog. Although some dogs never change, and some cannot be helped, why should they not be given a chance. Only one, don't get me wrong, I'm not one to keep trying and trying when there is no hope. However, there are very few occasions when a dog does not want to improve.

So, when you adopt from me, you will get my assessment, you will be told what I know, what I have seen, not what I have heard from another person. You wont get rumours, or hearsay, you will get facts, and information that will ensure that the adoption is a success. then you can decide whether to adopt the dog, with it's clean slate and new outlook on life. 

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