Tuesday 5 June 2018

Summer is Here!

For many people the summer months are a time to enjoy, longer days, better weather, and endless bbq's. However, summer months for me mean only one thing, more abandoned animals, more heart break, more expense. Every year we brace ourselves as the summer months mean thousands of unwanted kittens and puppies are born, and often dumped.

They are loose everywhere, which means many end up dead hit by cars, or they simply starve to death. My phone does not stop with calls from people who have seen puppies running down the road, or kittens by bins. I have to repeat over and over, I cannot save them all. However, a small number do end up here, as there is one thing saying to a caller I cannot help, but leaving an animal that I see is never going to happen.

So, yesterday was Monday, I hate Monday's if chaos is going to happen, it always happens on a Monday. The day was ok, not too many disasters, only the usual, and even the vets went well, so driving home I was happy that things had been a "normal" but non disastrous day. Then I saw the cage, sat on the side of the road, in the baking heat, my heart sank.... I knew there were animals inside.

The cage was an old bird cage, and inside were many kittens, far too many for the space, all covered in poop and pee, stinking in the heat. I will never understand any human being that can simply leave animals there to die. They didn't leave them to be found, as not many people drive that road, and the one's that do would not stop.

Into my car they went with my other favourite saying...... "what's one more"

Hurry up winter months, before either my bank balance, or my heart breaks through the summer months.

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