Tuesday 23 May 2017

Not All Humans are Arseholes....

I dont really like people, I know I hide it well..... OK now you have stopped laughing, I have good reason not to like humans. The problem is with what I do, I see the worst in humans, I see the animals they have dumped, abused, and even killed. I hear the whinging and whining excuses why they cannot keep their animals, or how their life is just so hard.

However, every so often some amazing people pop up from behind the scenes, and restore my faith in human beings. This week has been one of those occasions where quite a few people have made me smile, and realize, I do have support with what I do, and  not everyone is an arsehole. We have had some huge donations this month, which has meant I have paid a big chunk to the vets, who are incredible, and patient.

We have also had some amazing adoptions, and some photos have appeared on Fb of once traumatized dogs, now being loved unconditionally. For me the donations help to pay the bills, but the photos and messages from people who have adopted, are why I do this day in day out. I always feel that saying thank you is not enough, but every time I do say it I really mean it from the bottom of my heart.

I may come across as harsh and rude, but I do appreciate everything that everyone does, to help save more animals. Without the good guys in the world, the arseholes would win every time, therefore, we need to keep going, and recruit more good people. So once again THANK YOU to everyone that has made me realize that this week at least there are good people lurking.

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