Saturday 27 May 2017

Why Have a Dog?

A question I ask myself often, is why people have dogs, as often they provide, no care, little water and food, and really should not have a dog. However, when approached and asked if they want to give up their dog they look shocked, and claim " noooooo I love my dog" REALLY

Not all Canarians are bad, and some brits are equally shit dog owners, but some owners here, have us shaking our heads, and asking over and over why. There are some breeds that you expect to see chained up, im not saying they should be chained, but some breeds are "expected" ie guard dogs. However, when you see other breeds chained, it seems to be even more strange, for example chaining a cocker spaniel is bizarre..... which is why we unchained Koda and negotiated with the owner to let us take him.

Koda had been chained his whole life, left to sit in his own urine staining his white coat a dark yellow. He was a lovely dog, with so much energy and was so excited to see people, yet the owner left him chained, with his other dogs. I will never understand these people, and their reasons are simply strange.

 Koda had no idea why he was chained up, surrounded by rubbish, and other barking dogs. He simply stood there day in, day out waiting for a scrap of affection.

The owner truly could see he was doing nothing wrong, and it took a lot of persuasion to get him to allow us to take the dog. When we finally did , he was covered head to foot in ticks, and was so underweight. He had goofy teeth where he had been chewing on rocks out of boredom.

In time he flourished, put on weight and was goofy and funny. He was a typical cocker spaniel, full of energy and love. Koda was adopted in the UK and now has an amazing home, his days of chains well and truly behind him.

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