Tuesday 2 May 2017

Not Answering People....

 I very rarely answer the phone, unless you are my kids, husband or the police the chances of having an actual conversation with me are slim. Partly this is because I am usually driving, in the kennels, pounds, police or chasing after animals. The other reason I won't answer is, well, because I don't want to hear another can you take question.

My phone does not stop, the world we live in today means that people can reach others 24/7 in so many different ways. There is texting, whatsapp, messenger, instgram, and good old fashioned email. With the newer messenger services, people can see when you have received, and read their message. This doesn't bother me, but it does effect people, and cause the most annoying ????? to be sent to me often.

I can tell you now send me a ???? or even a ?? and I will automatically put you in the answer when hell freezes over pile. There is nothing ruder than being sent question marks by a person who obviously has very little to do with their lives. I am typically very good at messaging people back, as this I can do one handed regardless of where I am. If a longer message is required it may take a while but I do get there.

Yesterday was the perfect example of people being rude, and having no patience. A guy messaged me about something to do with the charity shop, as with many messages I read it, considered it not urgent, so closed it and didnt answer. This it seems was the end of the world, he continued to message sending rude messages about how I had read it, and not answered.

I pointed out that I had been busy, and that I do that with many people not just him. This was not good enough. What do people think I do all day? Sit and wait for them to message me, I wish.... then the usual abuse started... " oh I see why no one likes you" " I have supported you for YEARS, never again!!!" and my favorite was that I needed a PA..... My answer back was a simple...... ok

The thing is I dont have the time or energy to fight with people in a message, you want to un-support me then go ahead, you want to block me then please do..... if you cannot appreciate how busy I am, and how much I have to do in a day, then you really have no idea what we do... If you want to wait and get an answer then I would love to hear from you!

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