Monday 15 May 2017

Guard Sheep

Most people have guard dogs, some even have geese to guard the property, us we have sheep. Now you may laugh but until you have run from a charging ram you will never fully understand. I didn't have a lot of experience with sheep until volunteers begun to turn up with lambs they had found in the mountains. Now, I know more, and one fact is RUN when they begin to charge towards you.

The lambs were cute when they first arrived, they had to be bottle fed, and followed me everywhere like little lost puppies. Harry and Little legs soon grew, and become more territorial with every passing week. At first they would wander around throughout the day, never bothering to annoy or hurt anything. Now they have to be shut away in their pen during the day, but at night they are free to wander the property.

God forbid anyone that steps foot on the property, as there is nothing more scary than being head butted by a 100KG ram. Everyone here as experienced either being trapped somewhere, or attacked by the sheep. My daughter was trapped in her car one day for an hour, as every time she opened the door they rammed her car. I have a huge respect for animals, and understand what they are capable of, which is why I always have one eye on the sheep and one eye on an exit if they are around.

Saying that the rams are loving, and do enjoy their heads being rubbed, and being tickled behind their ears. Although sheep were never on the original plan, they are part of the family now, and do ensure that we are kept safe at night and guarded.

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