Thursday 18 May 2017

You Don't Know How Much You Need Something Until Its Gone!

Water..... it is something that we take for granted, and many of us turn on the taps, and expect water to flow all day everyday. Unfortunately, our water is hit and miss, we do have mains, but it comes from the reservoir. Which means that when it hasn't rained, and filled this massive hole in the ground, then we don't have water.

We do have tanks, thank god, but no pumps, so the water from the tanks has to rely on gravity, which is slow... and when I say slow I mean SLOW. To fill one bucket takes 20 minutes if I am lucky, which means everything is longer and more stressful. The other issue that we have is that we have to fill the tanks from a water truck which costs a fortune.

I used to take water for granted, and knew if I turned the taps it would come, now when the water is flowing, I actually mutter "thank fuck" You do not realize how much water we get through in one day until, you have to go to the supermarket and buy bottles of water so that animals can drink. The horses alone will drink 15 gallons each, before we even start with all the other animals. On average we go through 300 gallons of water every day.

Of course along side drinking water for all the animals, we use a huge amount to clean with, there are pressure washers in every area, and washing machines to cope with the huge amount of bedding we wash every day. The washing machine goes on at least 12 times a day to try and keep up with the washing mountain. So, no water means this all grinds to a halt, cleaning continues but with bottled water and brooms, but in a nutshell it is hell.

So needless to say, yesterday on the hottest day of the year so far, the water went off, the tanks were nearly empty. The water trucks were called, and I spent the day in a foul mood, telling the water gods to fuck off, and asking for it to rain. So, next time you turn on your tap, and your water flows, don't waste it, as you never know how long you have it for!

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