Tuesday 16 May 2017

Its A Mongrel

One of my pet hates is when stuck up dog owner informs me they have a puggle, or a rottapoodle, or a labrashepherd. As soon as they mutter the words, of its a pure breed blah blah I come back with "you mean a mongrel" With this they are often mortified, and you would thought I just told them that I aim to eat their precious bundle of joy.

Why o why are so many people embarrassed by the fact they have a mutt, and why did stupid breeders decided that mixing breeds was a good idea. Well actually I know the answer to that, for money! I am amazed when people tell me that their darling fluffapoo cost them over 1000 pounds. You paid all that for a mongrel when the pounds are overflowing.

No matter how many times you tell them that mixing two breeds gives you a mongrel, they simply do not get it. They are truly convinced that their puggle.... pug crossed with a beagle, is the most amazing thing in the world. However, if I go and find two dogs that got jiggy and produced the same thing, they are disgusted.

People will argue with me that these designer breeds are helping people with allergies, and that the dog has a better temperament! REALLY... suck it up, people have been allergic to animals for years, we do not need to encourage any more breeding in the world. All these people are in fact doing is lining the breeders pockets.

So, if you want a "designer" breed head to a pound, I can make any old BS up that the breed is anything you want it to be. The reality is, does it really matter what breed the dog is if it is a match them that is all that matters. Save your money, and invest in a dog that loves you, rather than what looks good on your FB page.

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