Friday 26 May 2017

Rescuing Goats....

I love goats, and have always wanted my own, and as with everything they seem to pop up in the weirdest of places. We how have a few goats, all of which have been rescued, and some have been found by friends. Now being crazy myself, I tend to attract crazy people, its a talent I have, and they lead me into crazy situations.

So, one afternoon I receive a call to go and collect a goat that is about to be killed, with limited directions, we find ourselves driving down an old goat trail following a strange guy. I ask her where did she meet this delightful man, and she pipes up "in the petrol station" I asked her, how she managed that and it seems she simply asked him whilst he was filling up her petrol. Now me, I ask him for diesel, hand money over and leave, but nope she asked for petrol, and a goat.

Obviously he had goats, and had told her where to go, which is why we were heading into the wilderness, potentially to our death. The track got steeper, and narrower, and at this point I did think this is where I am going to die. Suddenly the guy in front stopped, leapt out, and walked off, I took this was we were supposed to do the same.

Every step we took was heading down the side of a mountain, now Im no climber, or walker for that matter, and my mood was deteriorating fast. I had a crazy friend wittering, a crazy goat guy telling me how his goats were beautiful, and at this point, I was thinking about swapping my friend for a few sheep.

We reached the bottom, I could hear goats, I thought brilliant, until the goat guy started hiking back up the other side. REALLY...... at this point I did think we had been brought out her to be killed, and eaten by this strange guy. I checked my phone for signal, dont be silly, why would there be any out in the middle of no where.

Finally we reached the goats, and there were hundreds, as I wondered which one was ours, the guy appeared with an incredibly old, slow sheep on a bit of rope. It wasnt even a goat, it was a sheep..... the guy told us she was old, useless, and didnt have babies anymore, so to take. Thanks, I now had a sheep, when I wanted a goat. Off we trudged back to the car, with a slow sheep, no water, and me mumbling how I need to say no when people tell me to go rescue animals.

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