Saturday 6 May 2017

Kitten Season

Kittens kittens everywhere.... every few posts on Facebook at the moment are FREE KITTENS, KITTENS FOUND PLEASE TAKE MY KITTENS. That is all well and good, and dont get me wrong the kittens are lovely and cute, and fluffy and we all go AWWWWWWWWWW. However, those cute fluffy things are breeding machines, and by giving them away without a care in the world, is not actually helping anything.

Like many I didnt fully understand the problem, until I became involved in animal rescue. Believe it or not with just under 60 cats now, I am not a great cat lover. We didnt wake up one morning, and go hey lets have so many cats, they just appeared. Some got thrown over the walls, others I found at bins. Then there are the feral cats who turn up, wanting their free hand outs, and for us to house and feed them.

We steralise everything that steps foot in the property, my philosophy is if you eat my food, I will take your womb/balls. We have even kidnapped the neighbors cats and had them done, well Im sorry step on my property and you will be caught. Although I do not want so many cats, and my heart sinks when more kittens appear, I know we are doing our bit to help the problem on the island.

This is why we dont rehome kittens or cats, there are very few responsible people that will actually bother to steralise. Cats here are seen as a throw away pet, people come and go, and the cats are very rarely taken with them. Dont get me wrong there are some amazing people here that do steralise, but that list is teeny!

I have a great belief if everyone bothered to steralise, and even if you dont have a cat but you paid for just one street cat to be done, the problem would slowly begin to get better. The numbers of how many kittens are born every year are terrifying. So, for all those "rescue" groups and random people that are giving away free kittens, congratulations, you are stupid, and are causing the problem to grow.  ONE active female cat can be the result of over TWO MILLION new lives in just eight years..... Cats will take over the planet! 

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