Thursday, 28 September 2017

Some Get To You More!

The pound is never a nice day out, it is tough, emotional, and I always leave a piece of me at the gates as I leave. However, there are dogs in there that I know I can walk past, and not feel the tug to save as I am sensible to know I cannot save them all. Puppies I tend to leave, as they have a high chance of adoption, but yesterday a pup broke my heart.

I glance at the pups, point and go "oh that cute" and walk by, I don't give them anymore of my time, but yesterday my partner in crime stopped, and shouted " Lou he has only got 3 legs" I was like "wtf" and sure enough this tiny puppy had nothing more than a stump.

He was trying to stand on his three good legs, but had not mastered balance yet. So toppled over right in front of me, well there was no doubt he was leaving with us.

Stumpy as he was quickly christened, has had his leg cut off, and not by a vet. It is a rough cut, with no finesse of a surgeon, and I can see no reason other than cruelty.

  As with many abused dogs Stumpy is loving, and has no idea why we are all so upset. He is approx 10 weeks old, so we are hoping that he will learn to live with his little stump, and get the home he deserves.

Stumpy and the five other dogs we saved yesterday are now safe, and ready for the next chapter of their lives. Me..... I left a larger piece of my heart at the gates.... and hope that one day I wont have to.

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