Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Because No One Else Will!

I have a reputation.... for being a bitch, but other than that for taking the dogs that no one else will. I take the blind, the old, the three legged dogs, the ones that are scruffy and unloved, and need something extra. Why do I take these dogs...... because no one else will.

Many rescues take easy adopts.... the small, cute, fluffy appealing dogs, no dis respect but anyone can rehome these. We take these, but also the 50KG dogs, the dogs with broken legs, deformities, and generally the dogs that cause my vet to go.... "oh louise" with his head in his hands.

Pulpi had a deformed foot, but she deserved a chance just like all the others...

Luca was so matted that we could not even see what dog he was, and then we discovered he was 14..... but he found an amazing home... 

Stanley was old and blind, but deserved a chance of happiness.... the dogs go on and on that we have saved that everyone else walked past. That other rescues ignored, because they may be too difficult. Surely rescue is about challenges, and rescuing the dogs that need it the most?

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