Sunday 17 September 2017

Go Fund Me!

Ok, I have decided I would like new boobs, and a Ferrari oh and a posh house with a pool, if I set up a go fund me account, will you all give me cash?

WTF.... I have seen four "rescue" groups recently all asking for money to move!! When I moved fincas I had to work hard and pay for it myself, why do these people think it is normal or right to ask others to pay. They set up their go fund me pages, and ask for donations. Am I doing something wrong, as I think that is really rude.

People like to help rescues, to buy food, to save animals, why do they think people want to help with the cost of their rent, or to move. One woman wants 2700€ a month to pay the rent on her finca, another wants 5000€ to move and another want 20,000€ to move. Am I doing something wrong? Should I be asking for money for a new sofa?

To me shows a bad rescue, as there is no line between rescue and their lifestyle. Yes we all need the land/property to run our rescues, but helping the animals is far more important, I would rather sit with a leaking roof and save another dog, than spend the money on a roofing sheet. Maybe that is why I can sleep at night, and why i rescue so many animals successfully.

Seriously though..... can I have the funds for a new sofa?

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