Thursday 15 February 2018

Another Level of Crazy!

Over the last few weeks I have been involved with one abuse case after another, and every time I think it cannot get any worse it does. They always start with the photos that someone has taken, then the videos, then the story, some are shocking, but the ones I received the other day were worse than that.

I stared at the phone for ages, and then the penny dropped I was staring at a dogs head, no body nothing else, just a head. Obviously that was beyond saving, therefore, there must be more, and there were. At least 20 dogs all running around, eating other dogs. Again Seprona moved fast and we got the call to get there NOW.

On a property just off the motorway there were dogs running loose everywhere, eating from other dogs, attacking each other. Seprona entered the house and found a woman, who was suffering from serious mental health issues. I never use this term lightly, however, she was another level of crazy. There were dead dogs, everywhere, in freezers, on shelves, and dressed as babies.

When you think you have seen it all, it hits you, and you realize there is so much more abuse, and weirdness in the world. Many of the alive dogs were rounded up and taken off to different perreras, the dead ones, well they are Sepronas problem.

Another story of why education, and sterilization is vital, this woman had let her dogs breed and breed, they had gone back to their feral state. We are hoping that many if not ll can be taught how to be a domesticated dog. If not then this is not going to end well for many .

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