Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Different Types of Rescuer.....

Over the years I have learnt that there are several different types of rescuers in the world, some are great and others are REALLY bad. There are a huge number of hard working caring rescuers that do it for all the right reasons, and then there are the others. These others fall into several categories, which include:

COLLECTORS: these are the people that do a lot of talking about how amazing they are, and rescue everything. They have huge numbers, but do not steralise, or rehome, they simply are making the problem worse. They never put sick animals down, and allow them to suffer because "they love all animals"

BLEEDING HEARTS: these are the people that feel sorry for everything, and don't make the right decisions. They often keep animals alive for the wrong reasons and believe the world should be 100% no kill. Sadly euthanasia is a necessary part of all rescue, and if you cannot make that decision them you should stay out of rescue. There are many situations where the kindest thing to do is put the animal to sleep, does it get any easier, hell no, but it is necessary.

IDIOTS: Yes there is a category that is simple idiots, as there are many in animal rescue. These are the people that are uninformed and stupid, or worse both. They may have good intentions, however, they go through life spouting and preaching, not actually achieving anything.

LIARS: another clear category and these are the people that lie over and over to get people to donate or adopt. People need to know the truth about the dog they are adopting, lying to potential adopters is simply stupid, and can result in serious issues.

MONEY MAKERS: more and more there are people that are using animals to get money, many will take a sad photo and write a huge load of BS and people donate. Social media, sad stories, and horrible photos are a combination to be conned sadly. These are the ones that use the food donated for their own dogs, and the money raised to fund lifestyles.

ONE DOG RESCUER: these people are bizarre, and want all the glory but with no effort, they take one dog to rehome, and for the next few years keep the dog, claiming they can take no more, and are "actively searching" for a home. They still get donations, and publicize their "rescue"

So, all there are many bad ones, there are some good rescues out there, you need to remember:

  • know your limits
  • say no
  • have the space, funds and time to rescue
  • have patience 
  • a clear goal of why you are rescuing

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