Thursday 8 March 2018

Your Rooftop is For Sunbathing!

Over here most houses have a flat, purpose built rooftop which can be used for a huge number of reasons. Sadly, it is not used for drying the washing, or sunbathing, but to keep dogs on, and forget about them. I have lost count of the number of photos I have been sent from people of dogs on rooftops.

Usually the photos are of huge piles of dog poop, dogs in very poor condition, which always makes me wonder why I have a dog if that is where you intend to keep it. The other day a video was taken of some dogs in typical crappy conditions. We of course offered to take the dogs, and went with the police and got them.

The dogs were matted, stunk, and had obviously been up there for a while. The owners did the typical claim of I only let them out there today, and they just need a brush!

REALLY are you looking at the same photos as me?

So off to the groomers they went, and they do look "better" however, they are old, and when I say old i mean 13 years old, and are terrified off the outside world.

These poor dogs are scared of everything, they have spent a huge proportion of their lives left on a roof with no human contact. I am praying we can get them homes soon, so they can enjoy their time left being loved, rather than ignored.

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