Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Big Girl's Need Love Too!

The title today is a fantastic one, and not one that I actually created, it was one of my foster mums, who is looking for a home for one of our dogs. Raven is just that a big girl, who is desperate for a home of her own. She went to the UK a while ago to a foster home, and sadly has bounced up and down the country.

Raven has done nothing wrong, she simply has not fitted anywhere, and like a square peg in a round hole she has struggled. Raven was an amazing dog from the moment I saw her, she had been handed to the kill pound, and on admission was attacked. She didn't fight back, she took the lot, and ended up cut, beaten and defeated.

When I first met Raven, I sat next to the cage and spoke to her, she did not lift her head, or acknowledge that I was there. As blood dripped onto her paws, I knew although it was sad I couldn't take her as she was huge.

My head ruled, and off I wandered reserving other dogs, whilst thinking about the monster dog, sitting in a pool of blood with little chance of survival. At every cage I stopped, and I justified to myself why I couldn't help her. Come on who the hell would want a nearly black, 60KG dog who to be honest could be a nut case.

As I returned to the bottom area, the monster dog was still laid in the same position, I actually thought she was dead. So, I sat and we had a chat, I explained that she was just too huge, and I would be crazy, and there was no way I could rehome her, and that I was sorry. At that moment, she lifted her head and looked into my eyes.

Well that sealed the deal really, there was no way I could leave her, and she was reserved. Head screaming "ARE YOU INSANE" heart saying... she deserves a chance.

From the moment she was collected she was a character, never causing any issues, and reminding me of the fat kid at school that no one wants to play with. All the other dogs would be playing, and Raven would run full speed towards them, scattering them like bowling balls.

Raven was a clumsy big hearted amazing dog, and when she had the chance to go to the UK we took it. However, she is now in limbo again, and needs a chance of a home of her own, she has her own Facebook page, if you want to follow her progress, and please share to everyone, lets get this big girl a home! 


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