Thursday 1 March 2018

Putting Dogs to Sleep

As everyone knows of me I am very honest, and want people to see every aspect of rescue, warts and all. It was part of the reason for writing the blog, for people to understand a little more about what we do and why. Obviously we would love to save evry dog that comes through our rescue, but sadly the reality that is not always the case.

There is a huge majority of people that consider me to be a "dog killer" due to me being honest and saying, yes we put some dogs to sleep. Do I do it for a laugh or for fun nope, I do it when there is no other option. When we have debated, and looked at every option, when I have spoke to the vet several times, when we have gone over and over all of the information.

I was asked the other day if I put dogs to sleep, and as I answered honestly, yes if they are too sick, under vets advisement, or aggressive to the point of no return. This statement has now been passed around, and this morning I woke up to abusive voice notes from a guy in the UK threatening me. Stating I ama killer, scum, vile, and if I "kill" one more dog then he will destroy me.

So, my question to you Phil and all the other haters is, what shall I do if a dog is dying, just let them suffer and die because you don't agree with putting dogs to sleep? So, I should go against my vet because you "know my address and have connections all over Europe" No Phil what I am going to do is carry on running my rescue, doing a good job, and ignoring your threats and abuse.

As I have stated many times, any rescue that claims they don't put dogs to sleep are liars. and anyone who works with animals and thinks it doesn't happen are incredibly stupid. Sadly I am used to abuse and I'm used to threats, and I actually pity these people. They have nothing in their life other than to troll and bully people. I actually do not understand humans that simply want to cause pain and upset to others through social media, it is incredibly sad.....

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  1. What placed are these people on. Anyone with half a brain knows that you do what us best for the dogs. And sadly, i imagine sometimes that is to put the dog down. This must be a hard decision but i.m sure you exhausted every option. Keep up the great work and ignore Phil (he is a dick by the sounds of it)