Monday 12 March 2018

Things Need To Change!

There are many things within animal rescue that needs to change, and no I'm not talking about the laws, or punishments, although they do need looking at. What I am referring to is the community itself. The attitude and mentality need to change, the hateful, backstabbing, lying, catty behaviour that so many people thrive from needs to stop.

Why do so many people get involved in the rescue world, when they have no idea what they are doing. Good honest rescuers are attacked, abused, and made to feel like crap, by a group of keyboard warriors that have never experienced a day's rescue in their lives. Don't get me wrong some rescuers are equally as guilty, and I often wonder why.

Rescuers have a lot to deal with on a daily basis, and I know I for one, am rude, crazy, and many other things, but walk a day in my shoes, and you will see why. However, rescue is not an exclusive country club, and there is no committee to decide who can have membership. Far too many people dictate who is "good enough" in their opinion, which is simply wrong.

Of course there are standards, and laws to follow, and even ethics come into it, however, just because your opinion is different to other peoples doesn't make it wrong. Who gave these people the right to judge others, and to attack and abuse because they want to be heard. There is a way for everyone to work together, but so many are in rescue for the glory and the pats on back.

I have decided that rescue is very much like school, the mentality and the bullying is so similar it is scary. There are the popular kids who think they are better than everyone else, and the outsiders who actually are doing all the hard work. The popular ones are vindictive, spiteful, and drama filled, where as the outsiders put their heads down, and get on with it.

When did we become a world where tearing someone apart is considered to be better than helping them build themselves up. The bullies claim constantly that rescues like me, are not good enough, dont do it right, yet none have ever been here, seen what we do, or even asked. Far too many rescues will help dog's simply so that other rescues cant, and then moan that they receive no help.

Do you know what would help more dogs? If more people got off their Facebook soap box, stopped posting in the million we hate FB groups, and actually confront things head on. Your nose does not have to be in every single drama, or event that happens around the world. You do not need to rant, and post about what certain rescues are up to now.

The mental toll rescue take son you is overwhelming, the abuse of animals, and the injustice is hard to see, therefore, we all don't need outsiders attacking as well. Real rescuers put blood, sweat and many tears into what they do, and when they are being attacked every day it is enough to break you. Fighting the invisible war within the rescue community is pointless, as no matter how hard you work, how many dogs you save, and who you are, you will never be good enough.

I won't become one of the popular people, I wont attack threaten or abuse to get in with the crowd. I wont become part of your judge and jury because you feel you have the right to decide. For my own mental health I will not get involved all I care about is the animals. I run a good rescue, and have rehomed thousands of dogs over the years.

So, for the haters that follow this blog, and repost it on their pages, I hope one day you take a step back and see what you are. That you learn compassion, not just for the dogs, but for humans too, and understand that you are not always right. Maybe when you do, you will achieve so much more, and help so many more animals.

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