Friday 23 March 2018

Very Rarely Do We!

We re home very rarely on the island, and my reasons are very straight forward why, because most people, not all are idiots and will return back to the UK within six months. They arrive full of hope, excitement, and un realistic expectations. However, once they remove the rose tinted glasses, and realise it isnt one long holiday they often go back.

They sit in their apartment, looking at the pictures of dogs, and think I know what I will do... adopt, my advise is please don't. Wait a long time, if not a year before deciding to adopt, I know even then it can go bad, however, less likely too. Everyone needs to hit the wall, and move through it making sure staying is what they really want to do.

There is nothing worse than adopting, and then having to hand the dog back because you have wasted all your money and need to go back. I always ask people how long they have been here, and what they do on the island, as this typically indicates the likelihood of staying or not. Also the wages here are a lot less, so depending on what you do, where you live will show if you can afford the vets bills.

Far too many times I am approached by young lads, who have moved over recently, got a bar job and want a dog. They always tell me the same ..... "oh but I am here forever" ... I tell them go away, and come back in a year and we will discuss you having one of my dogs. The lifestyle is also very different here, and many people work all night, and lay in bed all day. Not the right home for a dog sorry!

So, if you live here, want a dog and have been here a while with a job that enables you to look after the dog properly then get in touch, if not then i advise a cuddly toy!

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