Sunday 10 December 2017

Cherry Picking

I got in to a debate this week about cherry picking dogs, which I do not do, yet there was some people stating that ALL rescues do. Do they really? and I am the only one that doesn't? She claimed that I also select "easy" dogs to rehome. This actually had me laughing, as I cannot remember the last time i had a queue of people wanting one eyed, old, deaf, big black dogs. 

I understand why some rescues do cherry pick dogs, but it doesn't make it the right way to rescue, of course the cute, fluffy, younger, attractive dogs have homes waiting, but what about all the others? This is where people like me come in, I take basically whats left, and am I successful at rehoming them... yes.... do hey take longer to rehome, usually, but I think this is far more rewarding. 

Anyone can rehome an attractive dog, and if you have cherry picked, then most likely you have  a home lined up. Of course this still means that a dog has been saved, and that it is now happy and loved (hopefully) However, please don't tar us all with the same brush, some of us actually put in some effort, time and money into rescue. 

Don't get me wrong there are dogs that I have saved that I have thought WTF, and that have cost me a fortune, however, they deserve to be saved too, why leave them behind. So, for the woman that accused me of cherry picking, please look at my page, and take a moment to think about your statement. 

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