Friday 22 December 2017


I love Mia, I think she is sweet, and friendly, and playful and loving, but every time I look at her she makes me sad. Why? because she has been here so long, she arrived the same day as Eddie, so in June 2016....

Mia has never had anyone ask about her, I know she is brown, and medium size, but she isn't ugly, trust me we have had uglier dogs. So, why o why is Mia still with us?

Mia has watched over 500 dogs come and go, all off to their new homes, all warm and cosy in their beds, loved by their families.

Mia just sits and waits, patiently, she knows the routines, she knows the cages, she is happy, but that doesn't make it right. Mia needs a home to call her own.

I hope that someone will see Mia, and see how sweet she is, and offers her a place, there must be someone out there for Mia!

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