Tuesday 19 December 2017

Why Dog Breeding is a Problem!

Breeding dogs is 100% un necessary, and I wish more people would see the damage breeding is doing. Over 80% of people own a pet in the world, yet there are millions of dogs in shelters, and pounds needing homes. Only a small fraction are adopted, because people still feel they need to buy from a breeder.

These days you can find any breed of dog at a pound, both pure breed expensive dogs rub shoulders with the mix breeds. Yes people continue to pay stupid money for a dog from a breeder, because they feel this is the right way to get the "best" dog. Sadly though what they end up with is a dog with many health issues, and cause more dogs to end up in the pounds,

Breeders are running a business plain and simple, even the most reputable of breeders are doing it for the money. You may kid yourself that you are getting a puppy that has been raised in a home environment, when the reality is usually far worse. I was asked to help at the pound the other day where a breeder had surrendered eight Chihuahua's, all breeding dogs.

These dogs are feral, they had never left the small dark room used for breeding, they had never been touched, or seen people. They are terrified of everything, and everyone.

We agreed to take four of them, even getting them from a cage to the car was a fight. Thankfully small dogs, small teeth, but they meant it.

This is the side of breeding that people close their eyes too. This is why breeding needs to stop, as millions of dogs are destroyed every year due to lack of space.

No matter how you look at it breeding is a problem, producing more puppies that outweigh the demand will mean many will die. There is no justification for breeding, and sadly the for terrified dogs that I have at the moment are evidence of why it is so wrong. Lets hope they adapt, turn the corner, and can be rehomed.

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