Tuesday 5 December 2017

Wrong Reasons To Adopt

Many people want to adopt a rescue dog, which is great, however, when you are doing it for the wrong reasons, then it can end in disaster. I receive so many messages that start with " I have fallen in love with ....... I just know they are perfect for us"  How, how do you know that from a photo, and a short description.

You have to consider so many things when searching for the right dog, and appreciate that many rescue dogs come with issues. It is a bit like looking for a used car, and choosing the one that has been in an accident, yep you can repair it, but it can be expensive, and will always have issues. You need to think clearly, and choose a dog not because you feel sorry for it, or because you can fix it.

The key reasons why it can go wrong are:

Optimism- Many people only want to see the good points, they gloss over the bad, even when it is written for them in black and white. They see the poor little dog, behind bars, with a sad story that needs a home. You need to see past the story, and look at every fact, and if that dog is not for you, there is bound to be another.

Lack of Knowledge- We work with dogs day in day out, I can see a warning sign, or trigger way before other people. I also know how long problems can take to sort out both medically, and mentally. Again many people think they can morph into the best dog trainer overnight, because they have watched 10 minutes of Ceaser Milan. There is no shame in admitting that you know nothing, this helps us to place the right dog in your home.

Desire to Rescue- Many people have a "need" to rescue, they feel like it is the latest trend, and they have to be part of it, not actually thinking this is a long commitment. Often the dog and its needs are forgotten, as the selfies, and the long slushy posts take over. Come on people go find another trend, as adopting is clearly not for you.

So, please if you come across my page, and want to adopt great, but do it for the right reasons, and make sure you fully understand where the dogs came from, and what they will need in the future.

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